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Port Chester Theatre Program

Christina Baurle, Theatre Teacher, Producer & Director
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Students in Port Chester-Rye UFSD explore various aspects of theatre and drama through both curricular and extracurricular programs. Through the study of theatre, students engage in playwriting, acting, directing, improvisation, set design, lighting, sound, costumes, props, stage crew and performance.

Port Chester High School mounts two large-scale productions each year, consisting of a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. There is also a rigorous IB theatre program. The Middle School presents a play annually. All four elementary schools often incorporate theatre arts and drama-related after-school programs.

Port Chester-Rye UFSD values the theatre arts because students who have participated have improved reading comprehension in verbal and non-verbal skills. In addition, theatre students have developed strong collaboration skills, are successful in academics, understand different perspectives and viewpoints, and are more confident.

All The World is a Stage.

-Shakespeare (As You Like It)


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