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Thomas A. Edison School

Address: 132 Rectory Street, Port Chester, NY 10573
Main Office: 914‑934‑7980 / 914‑934‑7981
Fax: 914‑934‑7879
Principal: Paul Roncagliolo
Asst. Principal: Erica Fuller

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Welcome! Edison Elementary School serves about 415 students in grades K through 5. We are a National School of Character and a four-time recipient of the ADL's No Place for Hate Award. We earned these distinctions by demonstrating to these organizations that character development has a positive impact on our students' academic achievement and behavior, as well as on our school climate. Our rigorous academic program emphasizes literacy, math, science and language development through the arts and music. Edison also offers enrichment programming and an after school program that serves almost half of our students.


School Updates

  • The Port Chester Public School District is pleased to announce the opening of online registration for Kindergarten-aged students for the 2023-2024 school year. Parents of all children whose fifth birthdays occur on or before December 1, 2023, are invited to enroll their child using our online registration system located on the District website in English or Spanish. In order for the timely placement of your child, registration is open through April 28 so that we can plan accordingly for your child’s enrollment into Kindergarten. A Kindergarten Registration Packet may also be printed from the above link, or a paper Kindergarten Registration packet can be picked up during school hours at any District elementary school. Kindergarten registrations submitted after April 29 will be processed in the order in which they are received.

School News

Fourth Graders Create Longest Paper Chain

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Equipped with one piece of construction paper, glue and scissors, Thomas A. Edison Elementary School fourth graders were challenged to work in groups and create the longest paper chain. The STEM activity was part of Cynthia Chaves’ science classes, which stimulated their creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Throughout the experience, the students brainstormed ideas and collaboratively devised their strategic approaches within their groups before they began cutting and folding the paper into strips and connecting each strip with glue.

“They deliberated over diverse cutting techniques, folding methods and approaches to connect the paper strips, stimulating their critical thinking and creativity,” Chaves said. “They also determined their roles and responsibilities during the building of the paper chain, instilling a sense of ownership in their collaborative efforts.”

Chaves said the fourth graders experimented with various cutting methods to maximize the length of their chains. When they encountered challenges, the students engaged in reflective exercises to identify what wasn’t working and apply their problem-solving skills to make the proper adjustments to their approach.

“Once the time for constructing ended, we compared the lengths of each chain side by side to see which chains were the longest,” she said. “We also took the time to debrief and discuss as a class, providing an opportunity for students to share their individual experiences, strategies, outcomes and insights into how they would approach this challenge differently if given the opportunity to do it again.”

Chaves said the STEM challenge helped the students gain insight into experimental thinking, refine their problem-solving skills and understand that combining their ideas and efforts can lead to better outcomes.

“In science, the ability to identify problems, devise solutions and adapt to challenges is crucial, and I believe this activity mirrors those problem-solving processes in an engaging and interactive way,” she said. “Throughout the challenge, they had to test different techniques and strategies to determine the most effective way to create a long paper chain, introducing them to the basics of experimental design. I hope they appreciated the value of creativity and innovation in overcoming challenges. In science, finding solutions to problems is often key to forming advancements.”

Date Added: 9/28/2023

Port Chester Welcomes Back Students for 2023-24 School Year

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Greeted by their teachers and administrators, Port Chester students returned to school on Sept. 7 and began the 2023-2024 school year with a renewed sense of excitement.

The day was filled with learning as students across the district – from the youngest kindergartners to high school seniors – reconnected with friends, met new teachers, organized their school supplies, learned about their schedules and engaged in different educational activities.

“It is truly an honor to celebrate a new school year,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Aurelia Henriquez said. “The energy and excitement of opening our doors for the first day of school is nothing less than magical. We are so proud to have our students back and to begin a new journey. Every September, we have the opportunity to start anew and improve upon the prior year. Welcome to the 2023-2024 academic year. Let’s continue to work together to make this the very best year yet.”

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Date Added: 9/8/2023


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