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Staff Directory

District Administration

Staff Listing
Board of Education

(District Clerk; 914-934-7922)

(Vice President)

Business Office
(Accounts Payable Clerk; 914-934-7910)
(Benefits Assistant; 914-934-7908)

(District Treasurer; 914-934-7907)
(Payroll Clerk; 914-934-7909)

(Purchasing Agent; 914-934-8056)
(Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for Business Personnel; 914-934-7904)

(Accountant; 914-934-7911)
(PT Payroll Clerk)

(Assistant Superintendent for Business; 914-934-7906)

Curriculum & Instruction
(Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction; 914-934-2043)
(Supervisor of Teaching and Learning K-8; 914-934-2250)

District Office
(Attendance Officer)
(Deputy Superintendent of Schools; 914-934-2442)

(Superintendent of Schools; 914-934-7901)
(Office Assistant; 914-934-7902)

(Senior Office Assistant; 914-934-7917)
(Senior Office Assistant; 914-934-7920)

(Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools; 914-934-7903)
(Senior Office Assistant; 914-934-2302)

(Executive Director of Human Resources; 914-934-2243)

English Language Learners (ELL) & Bilingual Education
(Director of ELL and Bilingual Education; 914-934-8250)

(Maintenance Foreman; 914-690-2040)
(Director of Facilities; 914-934-7983)

(Public Use Requests)

Fine & Performing Arts & UPK
(Supervisor of Fine & Performing Arts; 914-934-2418)

(Phone: 914-934-7900, Fax: 914-934-0727)

Physical Education, Health & Athletics
(Director of Physical Education, Health & Athletics; 914-934-7913)

Safety & Security
(School District Safety and Security Coordinator; 914-934-7921)

Social Services
(Social Worker; 914-934-8394)

Special Education
(Director of Special Education; 914-934-7925)
(Senior Office Assistant; 914-934-7925)

(Supervisor of Special Education; 914-934-8019)
(Supervisor of Special Education; 914-934-5115)

(Supervisor of Special Education; 914-934-7924)

(Database Specialist; 914-934-2033)
(Senior Facilitator of Educational Technology; 914-934-2655)

(Teacher Assistant; 914-934-8005)
(Director of Technology and 21st Century Learning; 914-934-8048)

Our Schools/Buildings

District Administration
John F. Kennedy Elementary School
King Street School
Park Avenue School
Port Chester High School
Port Chester Middle School
Thomas A. Edison School