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Thomas Edison Unveils Clara Jones Kindness Gardens in Heartfelt Ceremony

Thomas Edison Unveils Clara Jones Kindness Gardens in Heartfelt Ceremony thumbnail259898

The Thomas A. Edison Elementary School community celebrated the grand opening of the newly established Clara Jones Kindness Gardens on June 10, honoring the late Clara Jones. Surrounded by students, teachers, administrators, friends and family, Jones’ mother, Ela Navarro, and son, Cody, unveiled an interpretive sign dedicating the gardens to the beloved teacher.

“Clara Jones was a beloved teacher at Edison for 25 years before her passing in September 2022,” Thomas A. Edison Elementary School Principal Paul Roncagliolo said. “Her joy and kindness inspired Edison teachers to establish memorial garden spaces at the school that would reflect her loving and giving nature and provide hands-on learning opportunities for the entire Edison community.”

The Clara Jones Kindness Gardens include raised garden beds for vegetables and herbs, fostering a lifelong interest in gardening, nutrition and environmental awareness. The gardens also feature beds of daffodils and crocuses, along with native plants pockets designed to create a pollinator-friendly habitat for hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

The project was made possible through the generous support of Clara Jones’ friends and family, the Tamarack Tower Foundation, the Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District, the Thomas A. Edison Elementary School community, the Port Chester Sustainability Committee, Edison’s Garden Angels and Mercy University’s WIPRO Science Education Fellowship. The Tamarack Tower Foundation contributed $10,000 toward the establishment of the gardens, which was followed by a gala fundraiser hosted by Edison teachers to secure additional funds.

The dedication ceremony included a performance of an original song, “Spring Gardens,” which was composed by orchestra teacher Michael Caprino, and a rendition of “Dos Oruguitas.” The green spaces celebrate the kindness, joy and love that Clara Jones generously gave to her school community.

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Date Added: 6/20/2024

Seniors Learn Art of Tying a Tie

Seniors Learn Art of Tying a Tie thumbnail259837
Seniors Learn Art of Tying a Tie thumbnail259838
Seniors Learn Art of Tying a Tie thumbnail259839
Seniors Learn Art of Tying a Tie thumbnail259840
Seniors Learn Art of Tying a Tie thumbnail259841
Seniors Learn Art of Tying a Tie thumbnail259842

With more than 100 ties donated, a group of Port Chester High School students learned a valuable skill – how to tie a tie – at their school on June 5-6. Organized by the high school guidance department, the two-day Knots for Knowledge event was designed to help graduating seniors feel confident and dress for success.

“Our school community’s contributions have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on our students, instilling confidence and knowledge,” Department Chairperson Vanessa Clay-Williams said. “Their support and generosity have made a significant impact in the lives of our young men and women.”

Special thanks to the dedicated volunteers who generously shared their time and expertise in teaching the students the art of tying a tie and showcasing various styles.

“Their commitment to empowering our students with essential knowledge is truly commendable,” Clay-Williams said.

Principal Luke Sotherden said he cherishes watching these moments with students.

“It is such a joy to be a positive male role model for students and teach the minutiae of professionalism when the opportunities present themselves,” Sotherden said.

Date Added: 6/18/2024

Fourth, Fifth Graders Combine Talents for Band Night

King Street School students in music teacher William Morocho’s band class. thumbnail259757
King Street School students in music teacher William Morocho’s band class. thumbnail259758

King Street School students in music teacher William Morocho’s band class have been preparing for Band Night, which is their final performance of the school year on June 4. The fourth graders and fifth graders collaborated for the first time as they combined their talents and efforts for the show.

“It was exposure for the fourth graders to work with older students, and the fifth graders were able to help and support the fourth graders through playing along with them, guiding them and helping them get back on track when attempting newer and more difficult music,” Morocho said.

The experience allowed the students to share their love of music, collaborate with their peers and enhance their musical skills.

Date Added: 6/14/2024

Port Chester High School Students Receive CPR Certification

A group of Port Chester High School students getting certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. thumbnail259616

A group of Port Chester High School students gained valuable lifesaving skills when they got certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation June 6. Throughout the training, they were taught how to respond in emergencies, recognize signs of cardiac arrest, how to do CPR, use an automated external defibrillator and help adults, children or infants who are choking.

“Learning CPR is a valuable life-saving skill that can make a difference in an emergency,” said teacher Alexander Miller, who organized the experience for his students. “My hope is that students learned how to respond in an emergency and build a sense of confidence, as well as to see the connections between content they’ve learned in class and how that knowledge is used to help someone.”

The students from Miller’s International Baccalaureate Biology class were trained by certified CPR instructors from the Port Chester-Rye-Rye Brook Emergency Medical Service, led by training coordinator Michael Wellington and three high school interns. They received their certification through the American Heart Association.

Senior Allegra Burke, who has been an EMS for a year and a half and plans on pursuing the medical field beyond high school, said it’s an amazing feeling to be able to save someone’s life.

“Even if it’s making [someone] feel the smallest bit better, it’s always rewarding,” Burke said.

Senior Lennon Anderson, who got certified in CPR by taking the course, reflected on the experience and gaining a valuable life skill of potentially being able to save someone’s life.

“It’s important that you’re able to step in and help someone,” Anderson said. “You never know when these skills will come in handy, and you don’t want to be caught in a moment where you could have saved someone’s life but you didn’t take the course, so you don’t know what to do.”

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Date Added: 6/12/2024

King Street School’s Grandfriends Day Creates Lasting Memories

King Street School students with grandparent. thumbnail259438

King Street School buzzed with excitement as students welcomed their grandparents and special grandfriends for a wonderful Grandfriends Day celebration on May 31. The event began with a breakfast in the school's gymnasium, setting the stage for a day filled with joy and connection. Following breakfast, the guests were invited into the classrooms where the students completed a variety of activities and created artworks. The event saw an overwhelming turnout, with hundreds of visitors joining in to make the day special. Organized by the dedicated KSS PTA, the celebration honored the invaluable role of grandparents and grandfriends and created lasting memories for all involved.

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Date Added: 6/10/2024